Is this a bug?

But Acrobat is a canonical pdf viewing app to say the least. There should certainly be nothing about that pdf output that would cause things to go haywire when viewed in Acrobat. So, I am not sure Scriv is off the hook yet!

Though, admittedly, the reported phenomenon is so odd (and unprecedented), my troubleshooting intuition tells me there is a factor in the mix we don’t know about yet. (Waiting for the other shoe to drop!)


Absolutely, but even canonical apps screw up sometimes and have to be deleted and re-installed. If all pdf viewers show the same thing there might be something wrong in the pdf output from Scrivener, and a simple way to fix it may be to delete and re-install Scrivener. If Preview shows a correct pdf, it’s time to delete and re-install Acrobat, as a test to find the culprit.

It’s written by Adobe. 'Nuff said.

Eh… not really. There is a LOT that isn’t right there.

Back to the problem, the font would be my guess. Did anyone provide that to KB?

Yes, he did.

This worked great. Preview looks exactly how I want it. So I guess the problem is within Adobe Acrobat Pro. Hopefully not everyone using adobe will have the same problem. This didn’t happen before. I will check options for updates and reinstalling Adobe and see how that works.

Does anyone know if Adobe has a capitalize I feature?

Thanks a ton for helping thus far everyone. I really appreciate it.