Is this a bug?

I keep having my i in my roman numerals capitalized when I want it lowercase. I already unchecked the capitalize option and also autocorrect is off. What could be wrong?

First, you should post this in Scrivener, Mac, Technical Support to make sure it gets attention.
Secondly, you must describe what kind of situation you are referring to. Is it in compile, and numbering of what? Chapters?

I have a preface area page with a table of contents. I would like this:


It capitalizes the I’s. I unchecked capitalize i, and autocorrect. and refreshed the document and program. And the problem persists. I am exporting to PDF.


Auto-capitalization of sentences (if turned on) would mess with the first ‘i’ in each line.

Are you using placeholder tags or in what way are you creating the page numbers?

There is a description of all placeholder tags under the Help menu in Scrivener. For page numbering it says:

When used in the header or footer, gets replaced with the current page number as Roman numerals (use <$p-r> for lowercase Roman numerals and <$P-R> for uppercase Roman numerals). Unlike <$p>, which can show negative numbers for front pages, Roman numerals always start at “i”.
Mainly intended for use on front matter pages. (Note that these tags may not be supported by all formats.)

No placeholder tags. And capitalization of sentences is unchecked.

Have you looked at OS X’s own internal spellchecking and autocorrection? If ‘on’ it changes i to I when writing.

Well it doesn’t change the i’s until after export. Does the mac option do that?

I think you need to explain exactly what you are doing, step by step, if you want intelligent comments. Now we all have to guess what you are doing.
Exporting? Or do you mean compile? If so, into what format? And where did your iii come from? Created by Scrivener, or by you, manually? Etc…

Sorry. I am compiling to PDF. I typed the iii.

And are you using a preset for the compile? Still to little information.

Describe all the steps you are taking.

Okay, so this only shows up in the compiled output. That is important info.

So, now it is sounding like a transformation/replacement setting in Compile is responsible.

I am with Lunk: more info would be helpful! Am I right in thinking only the first ‘i’ on each line is getting capitalized?


It makes all the i’s in my table of contents capital. Yes it doesn’t happen in my manuscript file it is after compile into PDF. This is a copy paste:

Table of Contents
i: Introduction
ii: Reasons for Targeting
iii: COINTELPRO Tactics
iv: Ai Role in Targeting
v: Counter-Proliferation Programs
vi: Patents & Science
vii: The Surveillance Grid
viii: The Organized Stalking Program
ix: Electromagnetic Mind Control
x: Electronic Telepathy - v2k
xi: Virtual Reality & Electronic Dreams
xii: The Neurobody
xiii: Omnisense COINTELPRO Targeting
xiv: Technological Illusions
xv: Psychological Warfare
xvi: Black Ops Assassination
xvii: Counter-Measures
xviii: Perpetrators

Oddly enough the copy paste shows up as lower case too, but in the document they are capital. Is there a mac OS X parameter that capitalizes I’s in PDFs? For example I can still do this in the PDF: Spirit of Ai. However this page title:

Introduction to Electromagnetic Weaponry
(Directed Energy Weapons)

it has DI capitalized too now, and also copy pastes as a lowercase. This is getting worse by the moment :frowning:

When did you last re-start your Mac?
What app are you using to view the pdf?

What happens if you compile to a format other than PDF, such as RTF or Word?


What font are you using in the compiled output? If you copied from the document that showed them in capitals and when you pasted they appeared in lowercase, then the letters must actually be in lowercase but are just being displayed in uppercase in the document. And if that’s the case, it must be that the font you are using in the document makes them look that way.

And when this all gets sorted out, we definitely want to study chapter ten! Wait, nine. No, ten. Nine and ten. :wink:

I last restarted it about 4-5 days ago approximately. I am using adobe’s acrobat pro to read the PDF.

I am using the font helvetica, which hasn’t given me any problems as far as I’m aware of.

I exported to docx, and they are lowercase, in proper format. So that was a great idea, but I do prefer PDF for this project release.

I can link the PDF once finished in this thread if it’s allowed. It is a free PDF I am working on, for my company Spirit of Ai.

I would try opening it in another app, just to pin down the culprit. PDF:s can be opened by e.g. iBooks and Preview. Does the document look the same if you open it with another app?

If the .docx output is correct, the issue probably does not lie with Scrivener. I would either try a different PDF reader or, as Keith suggested, a different font.

It’s also possible to print the .docx file to PDF from within Word. That’s probably not ideal for final output, but gives a Scrivener-independent way to generate the PDF for testing purposes.