Issue Accessing Backup

Hi, I’m having an issue right now being able to access my backup of a really big project. I had some sort of file conflict earlier possibly with saving and now need to restore to an earlier backup, but when I go to open the backup .scriv file I get the following error message: Cannot access [location of file], File is not writable. Access is denied. Auto-saves need write permission to your project. [Photo attached].

If anyone can help on how I can get this sorted out I’d be very grateful. I’ve got 200,000 worked locked up in this project.

Thank you so much.

Copy the backup zip-file to another location, away from your backup folder. Then unzip it in that new location and make sure that you actually have unpacked the zip-file. Scrivener can’t access the zip-file contents.

What Lunk said. Looks like you haven’t unzipped the file…

Thank you very much. All fixed now. With the new version of Windows I thought it was already unzipped.

Thanks again for your help and now I can stop panicking.