Issue Compiling to Kindle Format?

I’ve read through several old posts about this issue, but never found one in which it has been resolved.

When compiling my text as a .mobi file, intending to use it on Kindle platforms, the file loses any indentation, making every paragraph align left.

When I create the .mobi file, the formatting works fine on my Kindle program on my Mac. It does not work well on other platforms, like the Kindle app on my iPhone.

Needless to say, that’s a frustrating way to read a book.

I’ve tried the following steps from other posts:
Text Tidying for Strip Leading Tabs
Uninstalling and reinstalling KindleGen
Compiling the file as an .epub and then using Kindle Previewer 3 to create the .mobi file
Compiling the file as .mobi and then using Kindle Preview 3 to re-create it as a .mobi file

I understand that the format uses HTML, and that that creates a problem because it won’t read tabs. I had hoped the Text Tidying tool would resolve that issue, but it hasn’t. I’ve also read people debating if this is a Scrivener issue or an Amazon issue, but I’m just hoping someone has found a solution.

Any ideas?

Too little information.
Are you using tabs in the Editor to create indents?
Indents are supposed to be handled in Compile, so exactly how did you set up the handling of indents in Compile, in section layouts?

What version of Scrivener?

You said you tried converting the file using Kindle Previewer, but don’t say whether that helped. Try taking Amazon out of the picture entirely by compiling to ePub format and opening in iBooks or Adobe Digital editions.


I’m having the same issue when exporting using the .mobi format. I lose the indented paragraphs and quotes, and everything is formatted using full justification. The alignment selection in the Kindle app says that its unavailable.

I’ve been using the tab key in the Editor, is that incorrect? Other than that issue, the rest of the export looks fine.
I’ve exported to iBooks and have not had any issues there.


Cheers, Robert

If you create a small test file that contains the indentation problem, then zip and upload it to this thread, I will be happy to problem-solve it. Use gibberish text so that you are not sharing your manuscript.