Issue compiling

Hi there

Hope you can help me.
I am trying to compile a short story. If you see the attachments I have two problems. First one, in chapter one there is a paragraph wit a different font. And the second problem is that the table of contents is wrong. There are chapters with some lines below the title.

How can I fix that?

Thanks in advance

Have done the built-in tutorial?

Do you mean the videos? Yes

No, I mean the built-in tutorial project that explains how Scrivener works, including the Compile function.

Oh, I see.
I can not remember very well, but I think I did long time ago. But in my opinion reading the manul will not tell me how to fix these differents fonts after compiling.

One differente thing is the theory and other different thing is the practice.


My first guess is that that one paragraph has a style applied to it. Click on that paragraph and set it to No Style.

I also notice your paragraph breaks are set irregularly, Some paragraphs are set to leave linespace between them, some are not. Some paragraphs are marked by first-line indentation and some are not. Some paragraphs feature both (which is a typesetting no-no). I can’t tell if this is just because you typed it that way, but if not, there may be yet more trouble with your compile result.

In any case, you will want to regularize this. Generally, you will want first line indent and no space between paragraphs. The exception is scene breaks which can feature a line break between the scene breaking paragraphs and no first line indent on the scene starting paragraph. If your paragraphs are set to No Style, a typical compile format will handle all this formatting for you. This suggests you are either compiling your text as-is (not probably your best choice), so everything is made to look like it does in the Editor, or you have done things to your text in Editing that are interfering with your compile format’s regular way of setting these things. Again, the most likely culprit is that you are applying paragraph styles to your text without understanding the impact this has on the compile process. Generally speaking, in ordinary prose text, your paragraphs should not have any style applied to them. This enables the compile format to call the shots in a systematic way as to how paragraphs look in your output. (Of course, you can use Scrivener’s Preferences to decide how you want such paragraphs to look by default when you are typing/editing.)


P.S. You say this is a short story? It is very unusual, I think, for a short story to feature a table of contents. Actually, it seems to me rather unusual to have explicit chapter breaks in a short story. Perhaps you are writing a novella?

Thanks for your message, GR.

I don´t have any style applied to the text in my editor. Yes, you are right about the paragraphs. I didn´t realize, but that means is one more issue, because I don´t want it thaty way. In my editor the text looks fine.

Please, see attachements, I tried many options of copiling. Last one format ebook, but the result is the same. I remember maybe the text is copy and paste from a Word document.

Thanks again.