Issue with annotations + font looks bad


I am in the process of transferring a project to Scrivener 3 from 1.9, and there are a couple of issues I am running into.

So here was what things looked into in 1.9:
[attachment=0]Scrivener 1.9.png[/attachment]
And here in Scrivener 3:
[attachment=1]Scriener 3.png[/attachment]

  1. First, the obvious: the colour of my annotation has changed. In 1.9 this was an option under the appearance tab. I can’t seem to find it now. This is a fairly largely project, so I don’t want to have change things one by one

  2. In 1.9, the outline of the annotations stops right below the text, even when double spaces, which seems sensible to me. In 3.0, it is now stretching down to the next line which just looks silly. Would like to change back to previous setting.

  3. This is more subtle, so maybe not obvious in the screenshot, but the font (Baskerville) just looks… bad in 3.0. Like the top of each word is a bit less smooth and more blurry. Not sure what to do about this, as again, I don’t want to change every document individually.

Yes, the fonts look “jagged” in Scrivener 3, not as smooth as in the previous version 1.9 or all the other writing programs I use. As if anti-aliasing is turned off.

I have tried to play with the compatibility settings of the exe-file, but to on avail. Clear type settings also don’t seem to have an effect. Something with the font rendering is just off.

Is there any way to fix this?

Using Windows 10 / 1920x1080 / 150% screen scaling

Inked2022-03-04 17_04_01-Options_LI

[Oops… realized too late I was waking up a 1 year old thread.]