Issue with Draft Folders


I’m at a complete loss. Not sure this is the right section in the forum, so please tell me where to go with this if I’m wrong here.

I don’t know/remember how I got to this point, since I’ve had Scrivener for years now and have worked on this project for just as long. I discovered this problem a little while ago, but now the issue I’m having is annoying me enough to try and figure it out.

So for some reason I have two binders in my project. They appear to somehow be linked. I have 5 books in one binder, but only 3 (of those 5) in the other. The other binder (the one with 3 books in it) appears to be the original binder (because it has the original set of files in it–none of the changes I made).

Whatever changes I make in the 5 book binder, they seem to affect the 3 book binder, and vice versa, except that the 3 book binder never shows the files and folder changes, only the in-text changes. Lately, when I start my project, it opens up in the 3 book binder, although I exited previously while in the 5 book binder.

Whenever I go to compile, there’s only the 3 book binder to pick from, so I can’t select all my files to compile (I have more files in each book of the 5 book binder than I have in each book of the 3 book binder because I separated some out to make shorter chapters–but those changes don’t appear in the 3 book binder).

I’ve tried ungrouping the 3 book binder and throwing each folder in the trash, then tried moving the books from the 5 book binder into that 3 book binder, because it’s what seems to link to the compile, but when I did that it just recovered the books I’d moved to the trash! If I move book 4 or 5 from the 5 book binder into the 3 book binder, it moves them there and removes them from the 5 book binder. Those two books don’t seem to be linked (obviously, they’re not in the 3 book binder to begin with)

I don’t know if my description is understandable enough, but I’m happy to answer any questions to help figure this out.
I have checked for snapshots and other things linked between them, but unless I’m looking in the wrong place, there’s nothing.

Thank you!

edit–see picture below, it is not the binder as I have figured out, it is the draft folder I’ve been referring to this whole time! I know there shouldn’t be any more than 1 draft folder, but for some twisted reason I have two and they are annoyingly connected.

I wanted to add that in compile, when I select the folder of one of the 3 books both binders contain, I see the files and folders from the 5 book binder properly, but when I click on one of the folders (one book), it shows in the compile window only what’s in the 3 book binder, and when I proceed with the compile, it only compiles what’s in the 3 book binder. For example, book 3 now has 47 chapters in the 5 book binder. When I select that folder, it shows only the 15 chapters that are in the 3 book folder (which for that one in particular is not even the whole original book before I split up the chapters).

Just realized it’s not actually the BINDER I’m having trouble with. I totally got the wrong term for this thing! Here’s a screenshot to show you what part in scrivener I mean.