Issue with misplaced Drop Caps in compiled eBook

In my compiled eBook, where section text begins with dialog, the drop caps are appearing in the second scene. It is my understanding that in these instances Drop Caps will not appear at all. My original manuscript consisted of chapters written as one continuous piece of text. I then broke this text into smaller scenes using COMMAND + K. Could this be causing the misplacement of the drop caps in the ePub compiling format? Here is a screenshot that illustrates the problem.

Seeing as how Scrivener itself has no code for generating drop caps in any fashion, I’m guessing there is a some extra configuration you’ve done to your compile settings that might be helpful to know about?

Presumably you must have turned “Add ‘first-letter’ span style to first letter” on for the section layout used for these sections and also added the necessary CSS to set the “first-letter” span style as drop caps. If you tick “Add ‘first-letter’ span style to first letter”, Scrivener places around the first letter in the section. You can then add the necessary CSS to the “CSS” pane to turn this into a drop-cap. However, none of Scrivener’s built-in Compile formats do this - these are just options the user can take advantage of if they want to. And even then, the “first-letter” span style is only added to the first letter of the first word of the first section that follows a section (page) break. So, as Ioa says, you must have done this by customising the format yourself, which means we’d need more information to help.

I was working with Mark on this issue, and he finally figured out the trigger. It’s when the first sentence of a the first text document in a chapter folder starts with dialog. Rather than just skip the drop caps for that chapter, the drop cap gets bumped to the next text document (which does not start on a page break).

I was able to recreate this with my own work as well (see attached).

The only workaround for now was to merge those two scenes and use an extra paragraph return for the scene break. Thanks.

Hi Gwen,

Would it be possible to provide a sample project showing the issue?

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EDIT: Never mind, I can reproduce it, and have fixed it for 3.1. When a section starts with a quote, the speech mark and the first letter will have the “first-letter” span style added in the future.