Issue with table borders

Hi - I’m running Scrivener for Windows on Windows 10 Home

I have an issue when I either insert a table with the Scrivener table tool or if I copy and paste from LibreCalc- I get random double line borders in the Scrivener workspace that compile into bolder lines in my pdfs. I’ve tried changing the border width and color but they are still there and I do not see anywhere to change the actual format of the border to a double line.

Am I missing something? This happens in all my projects. I’ve attached pics for reference. Thanks!

Could these possibly be at the point where you have added rows to the original table? I’ve not seen this behavior with Microsoft Excel, so I’m wondering if the file format for Calc is slightly different how those table extensions are recorded?

Could it be that Scrivener sees the Calc table as two adjoined tables?

It’s not just when pasting a table in as it does it even when I use Scrivener’s tool to make a table. And I’m noticing that it also does this on the column borders randomly as well.

It’s just weird, especially since Scrivener doesn’t give you the option of using a double line for borders. I can’t figure out where it’s pulling it from.