Issues opening file on new computer

I am trying to transfer my project to a new computer, which it appears also has a updated version of Scribd. I get a popup asking if I’d like to update the file, and it goes through the whole process, and even creates a backup, but a newer version of the file is not created. Every version, both the originals and backups, gives the same popup asking me to update it. I now have the original plus 3 backups that are apparently unopenable in the newer version - is there any workaround for this?

Could you please provide the version number of Scrivener on both PCs? (Help > About)

A Scrivener project isn’t a file, it’s a whole directory(folder) of files and subfolders.
And why did you had to quote yourself?

In the first post, the OP had written Scribd, not Scrivener. That was corrected in the second post where they quoted themselves. :mrgreen:

Keen eye you have there :mrgreen: