Issues with Compile[BUG LOGGED]

This might be a known bug, but I can’t find a reported bug.

I’m trying to adapt my own project to match the NaNoWriMo template.

The NNWM template has double-spacing on the final compile, with indented first lines, and all the rest.

When i try to match my own compile settings to the NNWM template, I don’t get the first line indent, I don’t get the courier font, I don’t get the doublespacing.

I don’t see where I can get the doublespacing. And if I change the first line indent or set the font to Courier, nothing happens - it still comes out in the final “print” (rtf or pdf) as flush left w/ no space between paragraph, single spacing, and in the font I picked for the individual text files.

how do I fix this? How do I set the line spacing to double-spacing?

I’m not sure if you are working with the latest update, but the Compile Bug Thread is here.