Issues with compiling to docx format


I’m using Scrivener 1.8.6 and compiling my manuscript to the docx format regularly. Almost everything goes well, but there are a couple of annoying issues:

  1. Tables does are not compiled properly. I have document only with one table and after compilation corresponded page in docx is empty. Document itself is placed within folder which is add as ‘titles’ during compilation (not in ‘Draft’ folder).
  2. Scrivener documents titles are not marked as titles/subtitles in result docx. So I can’t observe document structure in the Microsoft Word.
  3. (not an issue, but wishlist item) Is it possible to support SVG images format in Scrivener editor and docx compilator?

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Hello, Flex. I just had the opposite issue with a table (borders) showing up in my .docx export where I didn’t want to see it.

Check your “Borders.” settings. Mine was under the “Design” tab, then “Borders” (far right and small), then choose “Borders and Shading” at the bottom of that list. From the “Borders and Shading” window you may be able to turn on a custom or preset border. At this point the work you’ve already done may appear.

If that’s no help, then go to the “Layout” tab, click on “Properties,” and check around in those boxes for table properties. I’m not a Word expert but perhaps one of these will help you. If not, tech Support will arrive with a solution. :slight_smile:

There is a bug we’ve found and are working to fix where a table that follows a page break (set either via the Page Break separator or the Page Break Before tick box) does not appear in the compiled document. Until we’re able to resolve this, you can work around it by adding some unique text before it in the document that you can then strip out via a find/replace in Word.

Scrivener does not implement any sort of Word styles, but you can control the formatting of titles of different sections and use Word’s “select similar formatting” feature to easily assign styles for each type of unique formatting. This post walks through an example of doing that.

Rector graphics aren’t supported in the editor, I’m afraid; if you need this, you’ll probably just want to insert a placeholder and then add them post-compile. I’d guess you could use a macro to do this, but I’m not that much of a Word power user to know. Someone else on the board may be better able to assist with that or say definitively whether it can be done or not.

MimeticMotion, thank you. I’ll try to use your suggestions about Word format features. But why there is no SVG support? Are there any technical limitations? AFAIK, Qt Framework supports SVG graphics out of the box…