Issues with Compiling

So, I’m still running the tutorial (yes, I know, arrgh) and I’m stuck trying to figure out how to compile properly. It’s asked me to compile the contents of the draft folder into a PDF (Step 16). Now, as best I understand, this should be the entire tutorial, barring anything in the Research folder or Trash, but for some reason the PDF created only has about 18 pages of DATA, up through Comments and Footnotes. I’ve tried this numerous time and nothing seems to work. Is there some common mistake I’m making? Normally I’d just move on, but compiling seems like a fairly important part of this process, and I want to understand what I’m doing.

So, a friend helped me work this out. While in the Tutorial, the default setting for compiling seems to be just “Part 1.” I can change this by opening up the options for Compiling. She and I theorize this was done for the purposes of simplifying the tasks for new Scrivener users to perform.