Issues with Linked Notation (Linked Comments)

I’m experiencing the following issues with Linked Notation (text-linked comments). I first noticed them in the current stable release, but they are also happening in the current Beta ( I hope I’m not duplicating a known bug - I haven’t found any mention of them through several searches of this subforum.

I’m using Windows 7.

  • Hitting ESC or CTRL-Tab to return from typing in a linked comment to focus on the document often leaves behind a “ghost cursor” (unblinking) at the end of the comment’s text. I might have several comments in a row with this ghost cursor standing at the end of their text. It will go away if I close and reopen the project.

  • Two comments whose linked text blocks abut each other (without a space in between; for instance, comment 1 links to a word and comment 2 links to the punctuation mark after the word) will always be the same color highlighting. No matter what color I change the either comment to, its text highlighting remains the same color as the comment next to it.

  • New linked comments (created via SHIFT-F4) are always coming up as default pale yellow, no matter what color I changed my previously created linked comment to. (This one might be my not knowing how to “tell” Scrivener to “remember” the last color I used, but I don’t see any way to explicitly command it to create the next linked note in a particular color; I have been creating new comments and right-clicking for the list of colors in the context menu.)

Thank you!

Thanks very much; we’d caught the first issue but not the second, so I’ve added that to the bug list.

As far as changing the default comment colour, you can do that in the Appearance options; in the Color section it’s listed under Editor. Changing that will affect all new comments you create.

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the tip about changing the default color - that will help!

However, 17.2.2 in the manual says, “Scrivener will also remember the last colour you chose and automatically use it for the next new note that you create. This is remembered across all projects, and will be persistent until you specifically choose a new colour.” That’s why I was expecting that once I changed a comment to purple, the next comment would automatically come up purple rather than the default color. Do I misunderstand?

Thanks, Niki. That’s just an error in the manual. The Mac version works that way and the text wasn’t updated for the Windows behaviour. I’ll let our fearless documenter know!

Oh, well in that case, nevermind! :slight_smile: