It just gets better!

I have to confess I have steered away from software packages for writing, I really am a paper and pen then type it into Word kind of girl. If it hadn’t been for Nano, I’d never have looked for anything like Scrivener. :unamused:

It’s like coming out of the darkness and into the light! I’m currently writing an assignment for uni, and instead of having paper everywhere, I now have a project file in Scrivener. I’ve imported my assignment booklet for the year and don’t have to keep going to the paper version to check things. The Booklet was about 23 pages .pdf, it imported, converted to .rtf without me having to do anything, and I can now read the question in split screen to stay focussed on it whilst drafting my essay. It’s a 19th Century literature essay, so I have cards with critics main themes and ideas pinned on the corkboard as well. I love it. Where have you been all my life!!! :question:

Oh, and I sorted out downloading yesterday’s update and unzipping it and all works ok. :smiley: