Italic and Bold at MMD Import


i’ve a question about mmd import: when i’m importing files, everything works like it is described in the scrivener manual - except italic and bold markups. Both markups weren’t “translated”. I still see the markups like _ or *. Am i doing something wrong? I know that you can convert italic and bold rich text to mmd’s but i can’t find a way to do it the other way. And shouldn’t it work straight with the import?

I’ve searched in the forum and via google about this problem, but couldn’t find a solution yet. So, i hope someone can explain me what’s wrong.

Thanks in advance,

Does nobody has the same problem?

I’ve noticed it. It’s irritating. Since this subforum is about MMD output, you may want to repost this in the Mac or Windows tech support forum. :slight_smile:

Where are you seeing this in the user manual? All that is described (in §22.6, if you’re looking elsewhere let me know) is parsing the header levels from Markdown headings and generating an outline base on the document structure.

The sole purpose of the feature is to build an outline out of a document’s heading structure. If you want rich text out of an MMD file I would suggest using MMD to produce one, and then import that.

You understood me wrong. I meant that everything what is described in the manual works. Italic and bold isn’t described there. But i expected it to work too. You’re solution is obvious, but it’s one step more than it should be necessary.

Good advice. I will try that!

I’ve noticed (OS X, and even with MultiMarkdown and the OS X support files installed made no difference).
I will now go and look for the other thread and comment there. Importing italics and bold would be appropriate, I think.

I’ve started a new thread as a “wish” since if what is documented works and this isn’t documented, it isn’t strictly a bug. :slight_smile: