'Italic' shortcut not working with some fonts

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I love, love love the DejaVu series of fonts. I also love using italics. Unfortunately, it appears that when I upgraded to MacOS Sierra, I can no longer use the Command-i shortcut key to get italics with Scrivener and this font. There are a few very weird things about this!

First, the setup:

I’ve installed the latest version of the font (http://dejavu-fonts.org/wiki/Download), and created a new document with the font selected. It does have an italic option:

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 9.44.59 AM.png

(At this point, phpBB (or Safari; I’m not certain of the guilty party), is not allowing me to upload more files, so I’m using imgur from now on; sorry for the inconvenience!

However, pressing Cmd-i results in the MacOS “boop” error sound, and indeed, the format menu shows “Italic” grayed out: http://imgur.com/a/LIEd0

The weird thing is that bold and underline do work. And if I bold first, I can italicize with both the shortcut and a menu item!
Before: imgur.com/a/DEPnF
After: imgur.com/a/LLo9q

The weird thing is that I can do the same order of operations in the exact reverse: un-italicize and then un-bold to get to normal… but if I un-bold first, I can no-longer un-italicize!: imgur.com/DESMpWj

My thinking is that in Sierra, they may have changed the font API’s method of communicating that there is an italic version of a font somehow. Therefore, I’m aware that it could be a problem specifically with the RTF API that handles fonts; I would wager you guys don’t directly use the font API but I thought I would post this just in case.

Thank you for listening, in either case!

I just tried this same thing in Mac TextEdit which I presume leverages the same RTF API as Scrivener does, and it suffers from the same issue with this font!

The funny thing is that Apple’s own word processor, Pages, works just fine with the DejaVu font and shortcut keys. I suppose that what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. This is probably a combination of errors between the font definition and RTF API changes in Sierra.

I apologize for any inconvenience for shuttling Apple bugs to you. I can delete the topic if need be!

I actually just ran into this too. I’m on the latest of 2.8. Font is Goudy Old Style.
I updated to a new machine just the other day - 2017 MBP with High Sierra. Was on a 2014 with El Capitan, no problem.
What’s odd is that if I go into the format bar and pick the I, or go into fonts and manually select the Italic font, it will apply correctly. It’s just the Cmd-I doesn’t work anymore, and from the Format menu, the Italic choice is greyed out.
Just checked with TextEdit, and the Cmd-I works fine. Weird.

Thanks, I can reproduce this in Scrivener and TextEdit on both Sierra and High Sierra. It seems to be an Apple bug whereby the font manager is disabling italicisation via menus/keyboard shortcuts for certain fonts that have valid italic typefaces (the “Italic” menu item calls through to the standard Apple font manage object).

I have reported the bug to Apple as ID#36318497.

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I’ve recently installed Catalina, and have just encountered this bug for the first time. (I’m using Georgia as may base font, and that one in particular seems problematic.) As others have said, pressing ⌘-I causes an error, even though my font does have an Italic variant, which I can access via the dedicated “I” button. Very strange.

I don’t think it is the same bug precisely, this thread is rather old. What you’re seeing is an odd new bug that will be fixed once we get the compatibility update out for macOS 10.15.

Me too! Just posted it separately.

Excellent news!

I guess it’s been a few years, but I did finally upgrade machines which forced an upgrade to Catalina, and command-I works fine for me in Goudy Old Style now.