Italicize Typewriter Fonts

This isn’t anything too big, but I’d love it if we were able to italicize the typewriter fonts. I’ve used several different word processors, and so far this is the only one where I haven’t had that option, so could you please add it? Please?

Several fonts are referred to as “typewriter” fonts.
Which are you using?
Many — if not most — of them are variations of the Courier family, and several of those provide italics.


Try searching for “Courier Prime” — it is free, it has identical metrics to Courier, but it looks nicer, and it
has italics. Proper italics.

I was talking more about the fonts that actually have “typewriter” in the name, like American typewriter and that royal 200 one. I’m just wondering why they give us all the variations except for italics. :confused:

My guess is Apple can distribute Mac OS X for cheaper by sometimes not providing full sets for the fonts they include. Many are complete (at least in the sense of covering the basics, like italics), but I’ve noticed a few where there are more variants available for purchase than what they provide, and this is one of them. Apple uses ITC American Typewriter, which as you’ll see from the catalogue, comes with 35 variants, including a full italic set at all weights and kerning—50 USD a pop though. :slight_smile:

Courier Prime is nice, though true fixed-width. No need to download and install it however, it comes embedded in Scrivener 2.7.