Italics in section titles


I see all the section titles in the binder on the left, but I need some of the titles to be in italics. I can’t figure out how to do that. Any suggestion?

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We support simple Markdown in titles, as an option. To enable the feature:

  1. First, edit one of your titles and place asterisks around the parts of it that should be emphasised, *like so*.
  2. Open File ▸ Compile...
  3. In the General Options tab of the compile overview screen, on the right side, tick the Convert Markdown to rich text in titles and synopses setting.
  4. Click the Compile button to test the setup.
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I use the binder titles as the titles of my sections, which is very convenient.

Sometimes, I need to put one word in italics within the title. As it is in the binder, I do not believe I have access to this type of formatting.

I thought that markdown would work, but if I write asterisks around the word, they are just compiled as… asterisks.

Is there any possibility of doing this?

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  • I have tried both asterisks and underscore
  • I am compiling to RTF

You can define title formatting via the applicable Section Layout.

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Thanks, but would that not put the complete title in Italics, when I only need one word?

As you guessed, a little Markdown is all you need, though you do need to enable an option for that to work.


Sooooo HAPPY!!! This works marvelously :slight_smile:

Thank youuu

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In my current manuscript, I want certain words in some chapter titles to appear in italics, because they are in another language. Is this even possible? If necessary, I could compile to Word and italicize them manually before saving as an epub and uploading to KDP for publication. But for the ebook, I’d really like to compile an epub that has everything all set. Is there any way I could do that in Scrivener?