Italics in styles, adding new text, and forum search...

First post here, been using Scrivener for a long time now and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my computer-based writing. Thanks!

I have a few things I’d love to see:

  1. I have a few Styles that I’ve defined for tab indentation and I would like my italics to be retained when I apply them. The current behavior adds the proper indentation to the text, but removes any bold or italics even if you don’t check “include font in style.” I know you’re working on a new Styles code which sounds GREAT, I’d love it if you could include this behavior.

  2. I always want my new text documents to go to top of the folder, not the bottom, can you make this a preference?

  3. The forum here is very strict about not letting you search for words it deems “common.” This made it very hard to, for example, search for something about point #2 above so I apologize if that’s already been discussed (I spend too much time reading the forums as is!). Also, sometimes what is considered “common” is baffling, for example you can search for “footnote” but not “footnotes”. Google doesn’t index the forum, either, so now I must beg!

Thanks again, really truly brilliant.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your kind words.

This is already included in the new styles system for 1.5. “New styles system” actually makes it sound more grand than it really is, mind - it’s not a true styles system, more of an improvement on the built in one, but it should do what you want.

I think the preferences are a bit cluttered already and it is generally standard for a new document to go to the bottom, so no plans on changing this one - sorry. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m not quite sure what goes on with the “too common” words myself. It seems to be something built in to PHPBB3, and I’ve never had the time to look to see if you can do anything about it. I’ll probably get time to take a look once 1.5 is finished and I revamp the website. I stopped Google from indexing the forum - and other search bots - because they page the forum every second or something ridiculous, and this was hogging resources and causing the forums to slow to a crawl, or even not work at all. What I need to do when I get time - again when 1.5 is finished - is allow the bots access to certain pages for indexing use but not everything.

Thanks again and all the best,

Trivial though it is…

When you do get around to looking at this “too common” problem, can you decrease the minimum character length of a word from 4 to 3 as well. There have been times I have tried to search for a term, only to be told it was excluded because it was only 3 letters.

Which can be painful at times, if I am after mentions of the version control system ‘git’, or webhosts that support ‘PHP’, for instance (not that these have anything to do with scrivener, they are just 2 3-letter words sitting on the desk in front of me).

<< Edited to add: I just did a search for ‘red’ for another thread, and it did work. I must have been thinking about somewhere else that ignores 3-character words. Sorry. >>


As an aside, I wonder if having an Advanced button in the preferences would be useful?

With this a much simpler set of prefs could be displayed for the new user and then by clicking the Advanced button a much fuller set would become available.

Preferences have been overhauled for the next update anyway.

Thanks for the response, Keith, we’re all very excited about 1.5!