Italics in Titles using MMD -> LaTeX

I’ve run into a small issue when trying to include italics in a title, using the “Meta-Data” options of the compile window. If the result I want is:

This is My Title

I suppose I should enter the following (using MMD):

This is *My* Title

All I get is:

\def\mytitle{This is *My* Title}

If I enter raw LaTeX code instead, the result is:

\def\mytitle{This is $\backslash$emph\{My\} Title}

Adding doesn’t help either. Is there any straightforward solution to this, or is it a bug?

Meta-data is not parsed for MMD code—main reason for that is it is possible to dump a lot of raw HTML and such into these meta-data fields, so turning off the parsing engine for them is much safer.

I think this is one case where you’ll need to emph the title in the .tex file after you compile. I’m not thinking of a clever automatic workaround at the moment.