Newbie here - I’ve recently started to work on a project and I’m having some difficulty. I copy+pasted the text from my document from Google docs onto the Scrivener draft. After this, I’m unable to italicize anything with Command+I. It won’t italicize when I manually click the italicize button after highlighting the word I need italicized. When I go into Format>Font, it shows all of these faded for every tab of the project I go into and attempt to italicize something.

Anyone have advice for a greenhorn like me as to why it’s doing this and how to fix it?

Which font do you use? If the font doesn’t offer real italics, Word creates fake/faux italics. Scrivener, Pages etc. don’t.

If that isn’t the problem, there is something odd about your screenshot otherwise, and that is the types of commands that are disabled. For example the “Show|Hide Ruler” toggle is disabled, which is based more on whether or not the current context your cursor is in has a ruler—for example if you click into the binder and then do nothing else, the cursor is “in” the binder and there is no ruler for the binder, so the command is disabled, but if you then click into the editor pane on the right where you can type in text, then the Ruler command should light up.

Also take note that not every shred of text you can see in Scrivener is rich text. If you’re editing a title of a document for example, or its synopsis, there will be no italics there for these are just simple plain-text labels, like the names of files on your Mac, or their Spotlight comments.

It was totally the font preventing the italics - changed and now it’s working like a dream. Thank you for taking the time to respond!