I’m new to using Scrivener IOS on my iPhone 6. I can’t see how I can switch from regular to italic typeface.
I’d be glad of any advice.

There’s a number of ways. The easiest way to find out the one(s) that will suit you is to read the Tutorial document titled The Editor––from the Projects Screen, tap Tutorial > Draft > The Main Interface > The Editor

That particular document also has subdocuments, but read (and practice within it if you want) that parent document itself. You can practice-edit the Tutorial project as needed, leave your edits for reference or manually remove/reverse them, or reset the entire Tutorial to its original state at Projects Screen > Getting Help > in the footer, Reset Tutorial.

As scshrugged says, there are many ways to do it:

If you are just typing along, you can tap the paint brush (aka styling) icon and tap the italic button.

If you have existing text to italicize, then there is a styling button on the pop-up menu bar you get when you make a selection of text.

For even readier access, Scrivener also has a customizable set of keys that live over the top of your keyboard and you could station an italics button there if you wanted.

So many ways to italicize! I am thinking of Captain Marvel’s glorying as she discovers the true extent if her superpowers.


Thanks for both replies (I can’t see how to reply to earlier comments!)
I’ve discovered that I slide just above the keyboard to reveal the options.