it's brilliant for academic work too!

Hey! Just wanted to say that I LOVE the program. I’m currently a second year Psychology student and I’m doing an Interpretive Phenomological Analysis as part of my coursework. The program makes everything 100 times easier. I can have all of my reference material, collections of analyses, images, whatever, all linked up together and connected and easy to access. If I want to split my analysis section up into smaller sections, it takes but a second to make a new folder and get going. It’s all great.

The only thing I would really, really appreciate would be a hotkey for splitting (and possibly merging) text. It’s a little laborious to import an old novel and have to split it manually, chapter by chapter, via the documents tab. Simply being able to highlight my new title and press two or three buttons would make this process far, far faster.

Thankyou very much for giving us all the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project. It’s saved me loads of time, and I reckon it’s going to be a lifesaver come NaNo.

Hi - the Mac version can do this so I imagine that it’s on Lee’s ‘To Do’ list, probably before 1.0 is released. Thanks, Julia

If only Scrivener had a formula editor… Then again, I’ll probably have to export it to OO.Org before submitting it to get the formatting right…

Looking forward to the Stable release :slight_smile:

I’m trialling it on some academic work I need to get done quickly and wasn’t sure if I should… but it’s fantastic. Especially having bibliography cards etc. all made up ready so I can just copy and paste the info at the end of the document.

I am copying and pasting my work into another program though… just in case. I’ll trial run a compile on it to see how it looks but I’ll probably use my familiar settings in Word for this one as it’s due Tuesday at noon but after that I’ll be trying to make a template just for uni.

I’m about ready to launch into NaNoWriMo, which is why I downloaded the Scrivener beta, but as soon as I started working with it, the possibilities of using it for other writing projects occurred to me.

I started a 180 Days of Poetry for elementary school students, inspired by the Poetry 180 project started by Billy Collins when he was Poet Laureate. I think Scrivener will be the perfect way for me to organize the work I’ve already done, and I can see how it will facilitate me getting it finished this school year.