it's coming out

Ulysses for iPad

I missed the cut for the beta, I am really curious about it. Also, Ulysses for Mac will be updated the same day, as you can read in the blog

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ah, good point! :smiley:

Yes… very exciting. Also, word is it will no longer be called “Ulysses III”… Now it will be Ulysses for Mac and Ulysses for iPad, respectively.

I’ve been beta testing the iPad version. Folks, its the real deal. It mirrors what you do on the Mac, right down to styles and export templates. The boys have done a terrific job.


I was in the beta too, and just bought the full version. It’s pretty fantastic. (And will tide me over nicely until iScriv is ready. :slight_smile: )

ETA: I actually use Ulysses and Scriv differently, so will continue to use both on OS X and (eventually) iOS. I’ve been pushing myself to use Ulysses for more long-form writing, though, because Ulysses for iPad is so handy.

Looks interesting. Terrific job, indeed–and it appears that “the boys and girls have done a terrific job.” :slight_smile:

Scrivener’s still my favorite, though.

Yeah, it’s really nice.

OTOH, this is very sad … From 2.0’s release notes (copied verbatim):

“Tons of bugfixes. One of the most prominent being the spell check, which no longer automtigically disables itselv.” [emphasis added].

Why won’t they use Ulysses to write the app’s very own documentation? :confused: