It's Getting There

As someone who knows almost nothing about the Beta testing world, I think I better wait until the Beta version becomes an official update to the 1.0.3. release.

Having checked out the Mac version briefly, I immediately noticed the difference between the two platform versions. I primarily use the Windows version for all of my projects.

The only real setback I faced when using the Windows version was that the Full Screen mode doesn’t have some of the key capabilities that made it my working mode on the Mac. I miss being able to incorporate all of my research into windows alongside my writing and having them separate from the inspector as well as the backdrop feature.

I also ran into several compile errors, but since there has been a lot of mention to compile in regards to the Beta, I am sure those errors most likely have been fixed.

Binder icons isn’t really my most wanted feature, but it is still a missed feature that I would like to see in the Windows version.

I read in another post that the Windows version actually has more features than the original Mac release, which is not surprising, however I can clearly see why some features couldn’t be duplicated in the Windows version, at least right away. However in the long run, I can see the Windows version surpassing the Mac version because of several OS limitations that don’t exist in Windows. (ie. The hash generation sequencing limit for rendering content not stored in a sub-directory.)

It seems quite rash to me that some people have deal breakers with the Windows version already, especially since it will grow and be just as if not more powerful than the Mac version someday. I mean yeah, there are some features that I normally wouldn’t work without, but it just requires a tad more work to compensate for the lack thereof, especially when you consider how hard the development team is working to add in those features.

I know this software isn’t a replacement for word processors, but I’d like to think that someday it will be. After all, that would make it a complete writing tool with no need to export and import to and from.

In the mean time, I’d say that it’s off to a great start, and I look forward to the future updates and features. :smiley:

I agree, you have to accept its an ongoing, growing project, that will develop along with users and their feedback. I have to admit to wanting a mac so I could use that version a year ago, but now the windows is out and its a brilliant piece of software, that I feel is far better than anything else out there, and know that it is constantly sorting out bugs and has a strong beta program gives me great confidence in using it. Well done Scrivener developers your doing a great job. :smiley:

My spelling I apologise for its too early for me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: