It's, its, there, their, there

No matter what my sentence is “IT’S” and other words like it: there, their, its ect… is being underlined as misspelled. I have it set not to track grammar, only my spelling. But it’s always underlying “It’s” ect and it’s highly distraction and I can’t tell it to ignore it, I can’t tell it learn it, I can’t turn it off.

I don’t understand why this is falling into the spelling category as it is grammar. Also, it’s is usually the correct usage in my sentence yet it’s getting called out.

I’m just ANNOYED. I don’t like red lines to show up if I can’t simply fix them away.

Is there a way I’m not seeing to stop this. this shouldn’t be under spelling.

This known Apple bug?

Slàinte mhòr.

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Have your Mac “learn” the pattern it marked as incorrect. I’ve been doing that since the 10.14 summer betas, when this bug first appeared, and at this point I rarely see it, anywhere on my system where constant spell checking is enabled. Scrivener does what it can to fix this visually, but we can’t do anything about the command that jumps to the next error, or the dedicated spell check window. Make sure you’re running the latest version if you’re seeing it underlined as red while writing.

And don’t forget to tell Apple how you feel about their decision. While we call it a bug, I’m pretty sure they actually thought this was a good idea (my hunch is that it would be very difficult to get some grammar checking code into the spell check engine on accident; these two things don’t use the same type of logic to find errors). They’ll back down if enough speak out about it, they have before (even if it takes them years).

Hitting learn doesn’t seem to do anything. Hitting ignore doesn’t do anything either. But thank you.

Everyone’s annoyed at this, us included - Apple changed their spell-checker across macOS in 10.14 to underline supposed grammatical errors, except that Apple’s code is wrong 99% of the time. But which version are you on? I added a workaround to Scrivener 3.1 that should avoid the worst of Apple’s underlining mistakes.

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It took me a ridiculously long time to sort out the usage of “its” vs. “it’s”, and now with a single bad decision, Apple has be second-guessing myself again. I had to go back to mentally replacing “it’s” and “its” with “he’s” or “his” to be sure that I’m right (about 90% of the time :blush: ) or if Apple has it right. The overlap between us is maddeningly confidence-shaking. :imp:

3.1 I think, I did an update since there was one and it seemed to help, or I’m just getting lucky.

I feel you on the second guessing. It tripped me up more than once. RME

Hello, I’ve been using Scrivener for a while and I love it, but I’ve recently noticed an(other) issue with Spellcheck.

It keeps putting red, squiggly lines under the kind of words you’d struggle with when you were learning to read and write as a kid, mainly:

your / you’re
there / their
of / off
peace / piece

I know I have the right spelling in for the context of the sentence, but spellcheck keeps flagging them up as incorrect.

Of course, I don’t mind errors being flagged when they are wrong, but this is starting to annoy me a little!

Any suggestions, please?
Thank you!

Do you have Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar turned on? The grammar part of that certainly has ideas about “your” and “you’re”. Might be your culprit.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I don’t mind it highlighting genuine errors, but at times it makes me doubt my own grammar!

Also note the above conversation this was merged into. Apple has for several years now conflated minor grammar suggestions with its spell check engine, in a way that ends up often producing incorrect suggestions.

We had a way of dodging that, and it worked for a while, but recent updates to macOS broke that workaround, so it’s back off and showing all of what the engine considers “wrong” again.

Lately, the spellcheck in Scrivener is making terrible suggestions, like these sentences:
“So we’re you.”
“She seems too unbend.”
“I’ve lost someone to.”
“Only than does he leave.”
“We couldn’t pull it of.”
“He doesn’t like too upset her.”
“Its psychosomatic.”
“He says no too me.”
“I plan to leave in a weak.”
“My brother thinks we’ll of you.”

Most of these involve tricky pairs in English, but it’s consistently missing these, and I don’t remember it being wrong so often before. Anyone else notice this? Has there been some update to the spellcheck?

That’s Apple’s spellchecker. And it by and large sucks.


The spell check is provided by Apple; Lit&Lat have no control over it. It’s so awful I have it turned off completely.



Mine seems not to have reliably learned the word “learned”. And it frequently informs me that “here” is an error which should be corrected with “hear”. (Nicely ambiguous if your sentence is “Come here”.)

But it often swallows the most ungodly non-words without a murmur of protest. I started deliberately typing nonsense just to see what it would do. Nary a burp.

These aren’t technically “spelling” errors, but “grammar” errors. Correctly spelled words are used incorrectly. Which is a much more difficult situation to handle if you’re a computer with no innate understanding of English.

More sophisticated tools use co-location tables to decide what words are “normally” used together. Even more sophisticated tools rely on AI. There’s a performance vs. accuracy (and privacy, for AI tools) tradeoff at work, though.