It's up.

Just downloaded and installed it. It took my key and everything.



Yep, it’s up and running, now back to NaNo…

Oh, BRAVO! :smiley: I was going to say W00T!!! but I’m far too mature for that.

What the hell. W00T!!!

Congratulations to the whole team. :smiley:

Seamless download … :slight_smile:

Wonderful software!

My congrats to the Scrivener team. I began playing with the Windows version of the program last year during NaNoWriMo and was planning to do so again this year, but somewhere along the way decided I couldn’t wait and just bought a Mac to be able to use Scrivener immediately. Still might need to buy a Windows license for my work computer. Outstanding program and awesome communications throughout the process with your customer base. Really well done!