J. K. Rowlings & the Scrivener outliner

This description of how J. K. Rowlings used a paper spreadsheet to plot out the Harry Potter tales chapter by chapter:

mentalfloss.com/article/26346/jk … preadsheet

isn’t all that different from using Scrivener’s marvelous, multi-column outliner. Note her use of a date field called “Time.” I’m not sure what the O of P column means.

Perhaps someone should tell her about Scrivener.

–Michael W. Perry, Untangling Tolkien (LOTR chronology)

I guess O of P stands for “Order of Phoenix”.

Perhaps someone already has.

Perhaps Rowling is actually contributing and posting to these forums under an assumed alias. 8)

OMG!! :open_mouth:
vic-k explained!

Although, now I pause to think about it…


Far more likely that Rowling is a pseudonym for Vic-K than the other way round.

Now this [size=150]IS[/size] insulting! :open_mouth: The tone of the thread is deteriorating at an exponential rate, and spiraling inexorably t’ward the sewer.

I am cut to the quick, by the realisation, that after all my time aboard Scriv, it isn’t palpably obvious to all, that if I were in fact the author of the HP sagas, they would contain more bacchanalian Sado-Masochistic encounters betwixt a plethora of student wizard /witch/muggle characters, with festival like scenes of Gymnasticated Honky-Tonking littering the narratives!
I really am not best pleased. :imp:

Yeah, most people feel that way about their books after the Editors have got at 'em.
Chin up, big man.

…does this mean I was only imagining those undercurrents within the HP series?

Probably. But wot else can y’ expect from a Psychowotssit!, and an Aussie one t’boot!! :open_mouth:

Hmm? You’ve met Mum’n’Maude? And you still want to know?
These are family friendly forums, welder, family friendly*.

[size=85]*Although sometimes, reading these boards, I wonder if that phrase means the same in England as it does here. I mean, it seems self-evident to me that the phrase refers to creating larger families, but the British use seems at odds with the logic.
:confused: [/size]