Jabref + Scrivener

Hello guys,

I’m a new Scrivener user. I’ve plans of writing my PhD dissertation using Scrivener and once I’ve my dissertation topics and contents inside, typeset the final document using latex.

With this foresight, I plan on using JabRef as the citation manager because I could later use the .bib references in latex.


When I have a reference in JabRef, how can I include it in Scrivener?

  • I called JabRef from Scrivener [Ctrl+G Ctrl+O].
  • This opens up JabRef and can drap & drop the desired citation inside Scrivener.
  • However, upon compilation, I cannot see the citation being referenced.

Where am I going wrong and what can I do to include references in Scrivener?

I’m also open to suggestions on other [free] citation software using .bib style references.

Many thanks in advance.
PS: There was an earlier forum entry on using JabRef software but was inconclusive.