Jack Reacher Parody

I’ve had three books on the go for a while now. This one, Jack Bleacher, is the first past the finishing post, and the first to be written entirely on Scrivener. For a comedy novella, it involved a surprising (to me) amount of research, and Scrivener was the ideal tool to keep on top of it all.

All that’s needed to complete my happiness is the Scrivener IOS version…

If you want to check Jack Bleacher out, it’s now available on Amazon http://geni.us/EMh c/o Ketingas Press.

Or you can find out more on my author site http://www.sjarnott.com/.

Having read all of the Jack Reacher novels and short stories (except for the one made into a film - couldn’t get Tom Cruise out of my head and it was spoiling it) I am not sure I would enjoy a parody.

I thought David Baldacci already did that with his series on Military Policeman, John Puller?

Also, I see our forum suffers from the same immutable laws as the rest of the Internet. Namely that any thread mentioning Lee Child or Jack Reacher shall immediately go off topic to mention Tom Cruise. :slight_smile:


[size=60]ooohhh my aching head[/size]

Tiramisu sneaks up on you!