Jane Austen's writing tools

On my first visit to the UK a couple of weeks ago, I visited the small cottage at Chawton where Jane Austen wrote several of her masterpieces, including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. On the ground floor, near a window looking out onto the street, is a simple chair and a small round table about 40 centimetres (18 in) in diameter. This is apparently where she wrote–with pen and ink, on paper.

I looked a this setting for a long time. It told me a lot about my own interminable quest for ever-newer and ever-groovier writing tools.


Next time you are there, I’ll cover the cost for placing a MacBook running Scrivener on that round table. Can’t beat good advertising…

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And a fair plug it would be at that, because I think we can safely assume that the only reason there is not a MacBook sitting there running Scrivener is that Jane took her Mac with her when she re-entered the time portal.

I mean, we know she must have been using Scrivener, because she actually wrote books. Likely the trip back in time was just to keep her from spending so much of her time tooling around the Scrivener forums.


Time-travel and Austen? Time-portals? Hmm…
http://www.itv.com/Drama/perioddrama/LostInAusten/default.html :confused:

Lost in Austen was surprisingly good, actually - Jemima Rooper was brilliant in it.

Yeah, wrong use of a smiley on my part. Well-crafted all round.
Surprisingly good it was.