Japanese Font ploblem

Hi, I try to use this awesome app in Japanese text writing. But I have a font problem.

I have a separate documents in a same folder, then I change the font, Japanese font “Meiryo”, at one document and do something in another, So when I returned the one, Japanese font setting has gone!
Copy and Paste within app causes same problem in Japanese font “Meiryo”.
CTR+SHIFT+V solved this problem , thanks Thanks AmberV, but I can’t use this in daily bases.

Please keep in mind the Poor Japanese user when you update the app.


Would it be possible for you to take a short screencast showing this problem and send that (or a link to it if you put it up online somewhere) to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem, but I’m not sure that I’m completely understanding what’s happening for you; the visual would help a lot to track down the problem. If that’s not possible, could you provide step-by-step instructions so that I can replicate the problem in my own sample project? Thank you!