Jer's Novel Writer is now 1.0!

Jer’s Novel Writer is a very different creature from Scrivener, but it’s an inspiring writing environment in its own right (I happen to like Margin Notes!). Like Scrivener, JNW was created by an author-turned-developer in search of a personal writing tool.

JNW has just emerged from its chrysalis (read: prolonged beta testing period) and is ready to fly at


Yes, but the development of this application seems more or less to have come to a stand still. In the past year or so very few new features have been added.

Is the value of a writing tool dependent on the number of features?

Jerry has spent most of the time honing and fine-tuning the basic feature set. I wrote some 250 pages on my novel project in JNW, starting with beta 0.5. something, inspired by the clean environment and cheered by the lack of bloat.

Horses for courses, I guess.


That is good news. I tried out Jers quite a while ago, and though I loved the Margin Notes - still unmatched, so far as I know - the rest of his novel creating format just didn’t work for me. At least in earlier iterations, the writer had to use the imposed structure to actually write, rather than create the structure or ‘impose’ it later.

I certainly wish him all the best!

Certainly, horses for courses; and JNW is a very nice application indeed! But a year ago I expected a more dynamic evolution of this application, that’s all.

In recent times, some wordprocessors or wordprocessor-like applications have known a rather remarkable evolution (e.g. Scrivener, Mellel, Nisus, Avenir, Journler, Macjournal), while others have remained more or less as they were (e.g. Mariner Write, Copywrite). And my expectations were that JNW would belong to the first group rather than to the last. But until now, this has not been the case.