[JH] [ beta] PDF import bug

Hi (windows 10)

I have my main editor window settings as Fixed width (770) with editor margins (100) in the ‘Appearance’ options page.

I’m importing a PDF file into the RESEARCH folder via dragging/dropping (which then converts it to RTF) and it shows up OK in the research folder.

However this new page has a narrower window (wider margins) than all my existing text files - so now when I go to any of my existing manuscript documents they’ve all inherited the same window format as the new RTF document in Research folder. My Editor settings are still set to 770 & 100 but they’re no longer being applied - the RTF document window page settings seem to be over-ruling them.

Restarting Scrivener fixes the issue (but only if I have NOT saved the file since importing the PDF document)

Importing a PDF shouldn’t convert it at all, so that’s the first part of the mystery. PDFs should remain as-is and display as such in the editor; the fixed-width editor setting is only applicable to text items. Zooming the editor or changing other PDF display options (from the View menu) shouldn’t affect how text documents load.

Just to walk through this, since I’m not able to reproduce it at all and haven’t seen similar reports, are you sure the PDF is being converted to text on import? There is a message that pops up on import explaining that text documents will be converted. Could you have seen that and just thought it converted the PDF, or is the imported PDF actually turned into an editable text document inside the project?

Does the editor margin/width shift occur after importing any PDF or only a particular one? If you could provide the steps to trigger this or a screencast, that’d be helpful. Screenshots of the project window showing the initial text document state in the editor, the PDF loaded after import, and then the follow-up text editor state might also shed some light.

Sorry for the delay (I haven’t got notifications active on here).

You’re right, I just got mislead by the import popup :slight_smile:

However, the problem seems to be after I go to view the imported PDF file. After I browse it then go back to my documents they all seem to inherit the PDF document’s window’s settings.

I’ve got a short video of it happening if you want me to email it? (9mb mp4)

Yes, the video would be great. You can email it or upload it and email a link to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com. Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,

File sent via wetransfer
Here’s the link: we.tl/t-P4Ecbt4k5E

Steve C

Hi Steve - Sorry for the late reply here. The video was a huge help to see what’s going on, and that’s definitely weird. I also haven’t managed to recreate it at all. :angry: Could you therefore:

  1. Create a sample project with a PDF and text file that shows the problem when you switch from text to PDF and back.
  2. Use File > Back Up > Back Up To… to create a zipped copy of the project.
  3. Export your program preferences using Manage > Save Preferences… from the Options dialog.
  4. Send both the zipped project and the preference file to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com, including a link to this thread in the email.

I’m hoping that will be enough for us to reproduce the issue and fix it!

Hi Jennifer,

I just tried again from my main document after I installed v10 and it looks fixed now :smiley:

Thanks for that, and thanks for this latest terrific version. It rocks. :mrgreen: