[JH] Find Replace

Going through text looking for the word :“was”. Found it and highlighted in red. looked for another but program will not let me off the current word - was- until I did something with it.
I had the search looking for any part of a word with was in it. When I changed that parameter to look for the whole word it came back with a 'word not found;.

This is using the document Find/Replace dialog? First check is to make sure that the Replace All Scope is set for “Entire Document” and not “Selected Text”. With the former, I can’t reproduce this, but the behaviour you describe is what you’d likely see with the latter. If that is set to search the full document and you’re still seeing the selection get stuck on a specific instance, what happens if you keep focus in the dialog the whole time, clicking “Next” through all the instances without switching focus to the document to edit anything? Does this work?