[JH] RC11: On Compile, Underlines Not Converted to Italics With Transformation Option On for Output to Word Doc

With the File - Compile - Edit Format - Transformations - Convert Underlines to Italics checked, the output in a Word doc does not show the underlined text as underlined, but it also does not convert that text to italics.

Also, with normal text italicized in Scrivener, the output in a Word doc is plain text, no italics.

The workaround is to create a Character Style, not a Paragraph Style, just for italics. That transfers to the compiled output in a Word doc.


I’m not reproducing this, but there are various factors that could be at play. What font are you using in the editor and to compile? What compile format? What version of Word are you using to open the compiled file?

It would be helpful if you could create a sample project that demonstrates the issue on compile and attach it as a zipped file. That might allow us to more easily reproduce and track down the issue.

I’m using the font Calibri 12 point. My version of Word is 2016 with all the latest Windows/Office updates. My Word version is installed, not the web version.

As mentioned, I have the File - Compile - Edit Format - Transformations - Convert Underlines to Italics box checked. If I forget about the underlines and just set my text to italic, it shows in Word as regular text. For the section text in the compile layout, I am not overriding the text. My project was based on the Novel template.

I was able to compile with underlines correctly transforming into italic in past RCs. I’m not sure if I did it in RC10, but I did in earlier RCs. If this isn’t enough information to reproduce the issue, I’ll just live with the character style workaround.


I’m afraid I’m still not able to trigger this. Could you please upload a sample project (use File > Back Up > Back Up To… with the ZIP option checked to create a zipped file that you can upload here or send to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com) and also open File > Preferences… and in Sharing: Conversion click on Export Converts, then let me know what converter is selected for the Doc file format (assuming that is what you are using–if you are using DOCX, please change the dropdown on the left to that format to see which converter it is using). The default is Aspose, but with Word 2016 installed you would also have that as an option, as well as RTF-based. All three of these are producing the italics for me as expected, but there may be a combination of the specific converter your system is using and the compile and other project settings that is stripping them out for you.