[JH] Scrivener Window Zoomed In (High-res screen issue?)

I just installed the beta for the first time last week, where this was not an issue. However, since downloading the next/current beta ( the entire scrivener window is zoomed in (~x2).

My best guess is that it has something to do with the 200% “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” settings I have enabled on the Surface Book 2 because of the high res screen. If I reduce that back to 100% then Scrivener appears readable again.

Has anyone else noticed this as well?

Do you mean the entire window–menu text, icons, binder, etc.–or just the editor area? Scrivener should be responding to the Windows display scaling, so if that is set to 200%, the entire interface would be scaled up accordingly. The editors can be zoomed separately, however, and there were changes made to editor zoom in You can check that zoom setting in the editor footer or in View > Zoom.

If the entire interface seems over large, what happens if you deselect “Enable High DPI mode” in Files > Options > General and then restart Scrivener?

It is the entire window that is zoomed in. The editor zoom works as expected.

Here is the window without changes to settings (Windows display scaling at 200% | DPI mode enabled by default)

Here is the window still with DPI mode enabled but with the display scaling down to 100%. (Also the same with DPI mode disabled)

And here it is with DPI mode disabled and display scaling back up to 200%. (Took a system restart to see the change)

As you can see that helped somewhat, though not entirely. Are there any font size settings I am missing – for app appearance, not editor?


I am currently testing the beta after I paused a while, hoping, you will do some magic on the application guis resolution.

With high dpi activated, Scrivener looks like this:

With high dpi deselected, it looks like:

Both views are not workable for me. And as I do use a lot of other applications, I do not want o change display settings that works fine for everything else. Will there be changes until the final version?

Best regards,

Hi Peter - Unfortunately we’re somewhat stymied with the display scaling issues, as it’s a result of the Qt scaling methods (Qt being the framework Scrivener is built on). We were hoping the issue would be resolved in the most recent updates to Qt, and there have been improvements for some of the cases, but unfortunately it isn’t completely fixed. We are aware of the problem and are continuing to seek a solution; I can’t say, however, when we’ll be able to get this corrected.