[JH] Wine: Selection text invisible against background in two dialogs

There are two dialogs in Scrivener where the selected elements are full y covered by the selection background colour (in my case blue) without the text of the selection shining through. This is the case in the bookmark dialog and in the compile dialog. All other places exhibit proper behaviour in that the selected element’s text is visible against the blue background (e.g. when a document is selected in the outliner). I am working with Wine (via PlayOnLinux) so maybe that is the reason rather than this effect being an actual bug? If so, does anyone know a remedy?

I am running Version: Beta (211324) 64-bit - 31 Mai 2018


I’m not able to reproduce this on Windows 10 or 8.1, so I suspect it’s either an issue running on Wine generally or with the particular version or skin of Windows–it looks rather XP-ish, which could be affecting how the selection is handled. (I’m afraid I’m not up enough on how Wine works to know what technical details there might really be at play.)

Using WINE, here, too, and I’m not reproducing it, either. Do you have composting or special effects turned on for your desktop? Also, I’d recommend not using XP as a version, or playonlinux, since it often suggests outdated versions of WINE. If you’re using an updated version of WINE (which you should be for Scrivener), it’ll default to Windows 7.


could you tell me about your wine settings? I tried quite a few WINE versions up to 3.10-staging but none of them solved the issue. On the contrary, everything above 2.21-staging gave me problems with the menus appearing on the wrong screen, once I shifted scrivener from one screen to the other.

Also setting WINE to behave like Windows7, 8 or 10 does not change anything.

Did you install any additional components or made any special display settings?

Oh hang on. You’re in the “Assign Section to Layout” dialogue?

Without anything selected: i.imgur.com/cXukwCx.png

With the first item selected: i.imgur.com/0nbvbP9.png

Yeah, this looks like a bug, AFAIK. Or, rather, I don’t think it’s a problem on our end, per se.

Took my own advice to upgrade WINE, so I’m on 3.10 staging with pba, even. While Scrivener is a bit faster with PBA, it doesn’t do anything for the Assign Layout dialogue. 89% sure it’s a bug on their end.

Thanks. At least I don’t feel so lonely any more … :wink:

This is what I get on Windows 7:


Hrm…so theme issue?