John le Carre...

l… 8.p.m. Wednesday 1st October, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London.

A rare personal appearance and talk by le Carre. For those interested and in the vicinity, there is currently a handful of tickets left:


A great gig in a packed hall by a living legend and self-evidently nice man.
£12 well spent.

Would love to have been able to attend; I’ve been admiring his narratives – and his politics – for decades. Also, and this is a rare thing, he reads his own material very well. It’s almost a rule that, if you’re looking for an audio book, stay away from the ones which feature the author as reader. (Even poets, people you’d expect to be thoroughly immersed in and devoted to their own words, even poets are generally not very good readers.)


Yesterday evening’s event was a good illustration. He said that in the writing process “I love doing the voices”. And, introducing one of the readings taken I think from Smiley’s People, he said “I’ve chosen this partly because I love doing Toby.” :slight_smile:


What a star!! I didn’t know he was a good reader, but he’s one heck of a writer.

ghoti (feeling a reading binge coming on… good thing le Carre is packed away in the shed)