I have come to the point where I need a full-time journaler, but which one? MacJournal and Journler both look good, and I have heard Scrivener can be used as a journaler. This might have been covered elsewhere, but I could use help comparing them.


I would suggest that you move your question to the software by other people forum as there are already a few threads that you might find helpful. If you do a search on Macjournal and Jounaler, you will get several hits. People discuss this type of software under different threads on blogging, note-taking etc. Your best bet it to just do a search. Here are a couple I found to get you started.

Software by other people thread: viewforum.php?f=15

A couple of hits on the software you ask about:


I have used both MacJournal and Journler but I use Scrivener for this now, and quite happily.

Journler is a good program. I’d call it more of a personal information manager than a straight journal. If you want your journal to include website clippings, audio, and video; or if you want to make use of tagging, smart folders, etc. to create a complex organisational structure, it’s a great choice. I wanted something simpler, and so I found that all of that was just a distraction.

One other thing about Journler is that a couple months ago the developer posted on the forums that he was essentially giving up the project and was looking for someone who wanted to take over. I don’t know if he found such a person, or changed his mind, so you may want to look into that.

MacJournal is simpler and much more focused on being a journal application. It’s essentially a text editor with a calendar-based storage and organisation system for your entries. I have nothing bad to say about it. I simply use Scrivener instead because I use Scrivener for so many other things and am comfortable with it.

Scrivener lacks two things that the others have: 1) encryption/password protection and 2) a date-based organisation/filing system for entries. I haven’t found either of these to be a problem because there are simple workarounds. I store the .scriv file in which I keep my journal on a password-protected disk image, which takes care of security, and for the date organisation I simply have a folder for each year, with subfolders for each month, and then name each entry e.g. 2009.01.26

Not sure if any of this was helpful, but I wish you luck finding a program that works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion(s), Plette, but how do you set up a password-protected disk image for your journal file?

Thanks for the help, everyone.