Jump to Page Number?

Is there a way in Manuscript view to jump to a specific page number?

What is “Manuscript” view, in terms of program features? There isn’t anything formally called that—some of the starter templates have renamed the Draft folder to “Manuscript”, but there is no Draft view, either.

At any rate, there is not much of a concept of page numbers in Scrivener, it’s not the type of program where you type into a document, like Word or OpenOffice. When you compile the Draft folder into a single file, then it becomes a document that things like Word can open and have proper page numbers, paginated as they will print. Until that point, a document in Scrivener is bunches of smaller files assembled in the Draft folder, waiting to be glued together by compile.

There is a “Page View” mode, but it is not going to tell you what page you are on in your manuscript anyway. It’s a relative tool, if you click on a scene half-way through the book, it will start on page one. Mostly it is for scriptwriters who use pages as a timing metric, or people that just prefer the aesthetics of watching sheets of paper go by as they write. It can’t really be used as a reliable navigation tool in correlation with a print-out. Scrivener itself has no way of calculating that information, as it doesn’t handle page layout, itself.