Just about to....

Swap out my MBP for a fully loaded iMac. Is it better to deactivate my copy of Srcivener on the MBP and then install a fresh copy on the new iMac? Or should I just get another licence?

BTW just a few successful days using Scrivener for iOS and syncing with Dropbox. Can’t believe the ease with which I slipped into it. Well done you guys!

If you’re selling or giving away your old mac, then I’d deactivate it. But if it’s going to be an alternate machine you might still use Scrivener on, then just use the same license on both. The license agreement allows for multiple copies of Scrivener in the same household + 1 external machine, such as a work machine only you use. I think the practical limit is around 4 or 5 computers, after which, the oldest authorization is disabled when you use your license key on a new computer. This sharing of licenses only works on the same kind of OS, so your Mac license won’t work on Scrivener for Windows.

See the side-bar on this page: literatureandlatte.com/scri … w=features

Ahhh, thank you! I am offloading the MBP as in selling it, so I will deactivate it. I will be using Scrivener on the iMac and on a 12.9 iPad Pro. I have to say the iOS version works so well with Dropbox / syncing with another machine. Well impressed!

Here is a document we’ve prepared on migration to a new computer. In addition to the basics of registration and installation, you may have dozens or even hundreds (if your auto-backups are in the default location) of files you really wouldn’t want to lose, as well as settings and other configuration files. This will help you find them all and get the settings exported/imported across.

This is very useful, thank you!