Just Bought iOS version but My Windows Version is Incompatible?

I bought Scrivener in 2014 for Windows ( Version: - 27 May 2014). I have been waiting for the iOS version so I finally bought it today.

I use the DropBox sync function. I performed a sync, and my novel shows up in the list. However, I can’t open it because it says “the .scriv project is of an older format that cannot be opened on mobile devices. Please update in the latest version of Scrivener for Mac or Windows”

Does this mean I need to save the file differently or do I have to buy a new version of Scrivener? Is there a less expensive update?


Update your Windows application to the latest version 1.9.6 to sync projects with iOScriv. It is a free update. After updating, open your old project in the Windows app and Scrivener will tell you it needs to update your project’s file format. Give it the green light and you’re set.

Make at least a small change somewhere in the project on Windows before you close it. That will make sure it is recognised.


Thank you very much! It worked!

Have a wonderful day!