Just discovered Editing Mode (ON MAC version)

I love it… just need this on the win version and I will be in nirvana.

Do you mean the revision levels?

Yes and they are fantastic…

Great! Yeah those should be in the Windows version eventually.

They indeed are amazing.

I use them all the time. (Have the Mac version, of course.)

The ability to keep an individual text file in revision mode, with red markup–then have a previously-revised file marked up in a different color across the entire project is sublime. SUBLIME!

I will admit that this is something that I’ve never quite figured out how to use… I’m current,y working on a rewrite of a story and this might be useful to learn somewhere a little further down the road for when I get into edits of the rewrite…


Hi Josh,

It’s actually a rather basic feature. All that happens is that if you turn a revision mode on, all new text you type will be in a particular colour. Any overstrikes will also be added in that colour. Thus, you can keep track of which text has been added. And you can easily get rid of the colour later. It’s really just the same as changing the text colour when entering new text, except that normally you would have to change the text colour every time you clicked into a different part of the text - revision mode just saves you from having to do that.

All the best,