Just downloaded and can't get tutorial to work

I just heard about Scrivener a couple of days ago and it sounded like a great way to write. I have ordered the “dummies” book and have JUST downloaded the trial version for Windows, as recommended, to try it out. It downloaded fine and it suggests working through an interactive tutorial to learn how to use it. Fine, BUT, when I click on the interactive tutorial icon, it tells me I have to choose somewhere for the work to be stored.
I chose to create a windows folder called Scrivener Work (original - huh?) and to name the file scrivener tutorial (yes, I know, very original) but it tells me it can’t create the file. I tried closing Scrivener and re-opening, using “run as administrator”. I have tried naming the file “x”. I have also tried creating the Scrivener Work folder separately, using my Windows explorer. Still can’t get it to go.

How do I get the tutorial to run please? It isn’t a very good start.

I decided to try one last thing - just ONE WORD for folder name (instead of 2). At least now it’s not complaining. :slight_smile: Off to watch the tutorial.

I don’t understand this at all. File has opened - but is this a tutorial? It doesn’t tell me anything, show me anything. It just looks like the front page of what I assume scrivener to be. Is the download corrupt? Have I done something wrong. Getting pretty frustrated now.

If you’re not seeing anything in the main window, click on the START HERE document in the left pane. If you don’t see that, then a little more description as to what you see would be helpful (a screen shot would also be useful). If you do see a Scrivener logo and the title “Scrivener Tutorial” in a big font, followed by text, just read on and follow the directions; that’s all there is to the tutorial-you interacting with the program.

For a video introduction that applies to both windows and mac, check out Help->Video Tuorials, and look at the first couple in the list.

This is a link to a screenshot; screencast.com/t/Iz53y6zKN (I see I can’t add HTML)
Oh! I added a link and it automatically made itself into a clickable link!

Okay, that’s weird. You should have seen something akin to this:
dropbox.com/s/bfmn6lguis78s … torial.png

Try quitting Scrivener, deleting the tutorial (the scriv.scriv directory & it’s contents), and then start a new one. If that doesn’t work, then there must be something very weird going on with your computer’s configuration.

Is the tutorial saved to a folder that is synced to some cloud service like Dropbox or the like? If so, try creating the tutorial somewhere that doesn’t sync up to another computer.

Thanks. At least I now know what I should see. No, nothing is synced to anything (yet). I have checked out a video on Youtube and it is giving me good info. I will delete as you suggest and try again.

BINGO! I got the picture you showed. Off to check it out now. Thanks

(I posted this in another forum simply because when I searched it was the only one that came up - this one is far more spot on for my difficulty.)

I noticed that this problem was addressed in Jan 2012 (and this q was posted Apr. 2013); am wondering if anything was EVER done about it because I, too, cannot view the initial “interactive tutorial” heralded in the ‘before you do anything else’ realm.

Would like to find and use this tutorial before the end of the trial period; and truly before the end of this day, as I only have 30-days to evaluate this much touted program and would like to spend my time effectively discovering its value rather than grumpily wrinkling my nose and deleting it before it has a chance.

Hoping someone out there is still working on this problem and there exists a solution.

Thank you,

(PS: I feel like a carbon copy of ‘meglearner’ except that the ‘start here’ is not a clickable link. And I have not viewed the learning videos on YouTube because if this basic part of the program doesn’t work, what else am I likely to encounter that I have to spend hours trying to ‘work-around’ instead of ‘working?’)

Here is a Dropbox link to a copy of the tutorial that I created just now on my copy of Scrivener. It is unaltered, having only been opened and then closed. Feel free to download it and open it on your own Scrivener copy. It should work just fine.