Just for fun: "Why Microsoft Word must Die"

My enjoyment of Scrivener is enhanced by the way that Scrivener constantly reminds me that it’s not Microsoft Word. And I suspect that many of you who have used both Scrivener and Word understand very well what I mean.

For those who do, here’s a fun read from author Charles Stross’s blog titled Why Microsoft Word must Die.

antipope.org/charlie/blog-st … t-die.html

Note, too, that Scrivener is mentioned near the end of the article…

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Sad piece of history: Word 3.5 for the Mac
Was an excellent word processor.
Then they added more and more superfluous dongles
Until it was a bloated, memory-hogging mess.

Seems to be an imperative in the software industry:
Since our market for compulsive upgraders is small
Keep them busy buying ever more frequent upgrades.

Programmers are more expensive to acquire and maintain than polo ponies. So their owner needs to come up with an ongoing revenue stream of size “N” from each user, where N is the amount of money each user must contribute to the care and feeding of the vendor’s programmers.

The problem is, those darn users seldom want enough new features. So every fiscal year the vendor has a big and important meeting. The meeting attendees are required to create a list of new features not on the basis of user needs, but solely to pad out that year’s New! Features! list until it’s no longer an outright embarrassment to the value of N.

The result of the software industry’s prevailing business model is a long list of commercial software products cluttered with features that are worse than useless.

My key point being that here’s hoping our friends at L&L / Scrivener will have better sense…

I think you will find the prevalent message to “new features” for L&L is a gently stated “no”. KB, the captain of the L&L ship, is a firm believer in the KISEFV (Keep It Simple Enough For Vic-k) methodology. When really great ideas come up things like Scapple emerge.

No, really? Last I heard, he was deep in the innards of Linux
And on his way to making Scriv run on Raspberry Pi :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Both wrong. Scrivener draws its essential nourishment from the traditional Cornish pasty, and, like that esteemed culinary masterpiece, “T’is a proper job, me 'ansome!”

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This Cornish pasty is definitely a “Proper Job”.

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Anything is possible with enough ketchup.

Actually Scrivener is funded by an alternative revenue stream.

I knew it!!!

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Someone call the wahmbulance.

I prefer Scrivener for my writing, but Microsoft Word suited me fine until my manuscript got really large. Scrivener is a niche tool for writers. I really love it and prefer it for that purpose, but for general stuff, Word is better. And you really can’t compare the two. Besides, you don’t have to deal with Word until you finished your work. Just export it and be done with it.

It always makes me laugh when people blame their own incompetence on the software. This sounds like an angry guy who’s angry with Microsoft in general while being stuck in principles way past their expiration date. Let’s be honest, no one really gives a shit what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did in the 1980s and even less people even know what BASIC is or the Apple Lisa.

I really like the ribbon interface that was introduced in Office 2007. Sure, it took some getting used to, but once I got the hang of it, I got a lot faster at a lot of things. It was a nice upgrade from the old-fashioned menus and I never had any problems with it. And besides, real pros use keyboard shortcuts for the majority of actions.

Word has been a great friend for me through college, because it’s an extremely complete package. It’s the only word processor that makes it easy to insert beautiful tables, smart objects and images, and it has great tools to keep track of sources and adding a bibliography in the appropriate style. I recently installed Office 2013 (on Windows) and it’s by far the most feature-rich word processor out there with great built-in cloud functionality.

If MS Office really sucked as bad as the author suggests here, people would abandon it, plain and simple. Look what happened with Windows Vista. Consumers and businesses avoided it like the plague. MS Office a great suite for 99% of users and Microsoft couldn’t care less about the angry 1% that laments over the good old days and how unfair it all is.

Wake up and smell the coffee, pal. Microsoft Word ain’t goin’ nowhere.