Just for Vic-k

Thank you for your birthday message! I’m sorry I’ve not been around :confused: Last year wasn’t a great one for me. My dad passed away, and I kind of got rather insular.

But it’s nice to be thought of and reminded to drop in!

Vic-k gets his own thread?

The Mayans were right!!! Tis the end of the world!!!


Well really, aren all threads Vic-k’s anyway?

I KNEW it!

I blame the moderators? MODERATORS!!! do me a fu (oops! sorry! :blush: nearly said one of His Obnoxiousness’s favourite rude words then), favour! Only thing that will prevent the forum plummeting into the Abyss, and the outstretch arms of the demon :smiling_imp: Choronzon :smiling_imp:, is draconian action by some well meaning humans on the WWW’s governing body. :frowning:

It can’t go on like this! :open_mouth:

Sorry Fluff, but you have to face it. We’re basically self-regulating down here. You know, like the Financial Services sector, or the Media.


my point exactly, Herr Schweinekotflügel.

We are just waiting until you least expect us… :smiling_imp:

feckless scarlet harlot!!!