Just launched my second book - Ragged Claws

It’s taken almost a year but I’ve just launched my second novel, Ragged Claws, sequel to Thumb. Nearly everything was done in Scrivener, except for the formatting for the Createspace paperback. That was done in Mellel, which I’ve just rediscovered after too long spent floundering around Pages. I also wrote the book using a stripped-down version of Karen Wiesner’s 30-Day draft process, which really helped me keep a complex plot organised and coherent. Ragged Claws is set at the end of time when humanity is building a god to save them using scrap stolen from the past. The last book gave several readers ‘strange dreams’ (they never told me exactly what these consisted of) and this one has been described by one reviewer as ‘very strange and beautiful’, which is massively flattering. If you like Science Fantasy and books by writers like Moorcock, Vance and Mervyn Peake you can find out more by going to my blog:


Just bought ‘Thumb’. I’ll give it a blast… see if it’s up my street…so to speak.

Sounds awfully like the Last days of THE RED LION hostelry, before it was criminally sold to TESCOs :open_mouth: :confused:

Good Luck with the launch of Ragged Claws,
Take care

Thank you! Much appreciated. We’re fighting our own battles against TESCOS at the moment - the buggers are planning a massive store just outside our sleepy little rural town. Time to start building that wicker man.

Hi - you mention “Karen Wiesner’s 30-Day draft process”

Can you provide more details on where to get this information from?