Just once, "* * *" appears between two scenes. Why?

There are many long series of scenes in my novel. Just once, when I compile for PDF, a line that looks like * * *
is inserted into my compiled pdf between two scenes, at the top of a page. If I compile for docx format (with no other changes), the * * * does not appear. I am compiling to the 6x9" paperback format.

I would like to make the * * * go away. Any suggestions about what might be causing it, and how to eliminate it?

Thanks. I’m using scrivener 3 on an up to date Macos system.

This is standard publishing practice—otherwise it would be hard for a reader to tell that there was a change of scene between the two pages. Nonetheless, if you want to remove it, edit your compile format, text layout, and untick “replace empty line separators that fall across pages”.

Thanks, that was exactly the problem. In the case of my novel’s layout, having that " * * * " so rarely looked out of place, and there is otherwise no confusion about the scene change.